New Wall Hangings, Happy Monday

I’m now drawing and coloring with Prismacolor soft core pencils…OMG creamy drawing and coloring. Silky slithering coloring experience. I can’t stop coloring, I mean…why would I want to?!

Drawings/colorings fit these frames perfectly. I dumpster dove for the frames, today the frames will have my quirky creative touch. I’m visualizing crimson red paint with sparkly gold polka dots on one, and the other a super bright tangerine, oh and both frames are take a bit of a beating before paint. Happy Monday.

Good Times



Two of my Stick Peeps drawings: The trailer is titled ‘Home Is Where You Park It’ the second drawing is appropriately titled ‘Friends n Fun’. So todays mini card reading of the two cards imaging is: You do good work at home, and you do it regularly, all is well…you so deserve to take a break and do something fun for your self, so why not meet up with a friend for brunch,lunch and/or coffee.  Cheers. Happy Thursday.

The trailer image is actually a card from a deck I created late 2011 early 2012, the deck is titled Stick Peeps Fortune Telling Cards.

Happy October 1st

October 1st is my favorite day of the year. Though the weather doesn’t feel like fall, I pretend it does. There is just something about falls coloring that makes me very happy.

While totally in the fall spirit, I bring to the table my water coloring and pencil coloring while sipping slowly on my yummy coffee and listening to some cafe jazz style tunes. This is pretty much my usual doing, but some how it just seems so much more fun knowing its fall, and a few ahead of cooler weather.

The past few days I’ve drawn and colored a couple of poster sized wall hangings, one of the wall hangings is so fall in color, the other is bright and cheerful. Tomorrow I get to shop for the perfect framing/hangers for these pieces.

I hope my readers out there are enjoying October 1st as much as I am.

Happy October 1st.

Gidget London…Creatively

Gidget London here, creative artist of sorts, Intuitive rebel with positive intentions.

My stick figure ‘Stick Peeps’ comic illustrations, creative designs and photogery reflect my wickedly whimsical humor and strong intuitive nature. Some pieces are actually ‘Nice and Thoughtful’, and that’s good and okay, because sometimes wild humor needs a rest.

*****Yes, I know I’m not a fabulous writer and grammar person, please rise above the urge to poke fun, and see the positive*****